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About Wizardings

What's in the package?

Wizard Hand
Black Cat Letter
Parchment Print
Wizard Runes


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Wizardings activity pack

The original Harry Potter fonts

Have you ever wanted to recreate some of the wizardly books, scrolls, maps or even the Daily Prophet itself from the Harry Potter films? Well, a little known secret is that a muggle company called Crazy Diamond Design supply typefaces to Hogwarts and the Daily Prophet press: and luckily for all muggles, they have created a special wizardly pack which you can use in your own home!

The special download pack contains five computer fonts (typefaces or writing styles) which have been used to create props for the Harry Potter films (Our Black Cat Letter for the Daily Prophet, Wizard Hand for Dumbledore's diary or exam papers, for example). They can be used with any Windows PC or Macintosh computer. The download also includes a host of goodies - all that you need to make your own wizardly documents.

It's educational too! We include the real history behind the fonts provided, which date from Anglo-Saxon times to the 17th Century. Oh, and see sightings for full details of how we also helped Harry in his fight against the baddies.

Wizardings is suitable for children 8 and over, and of course for adults of all ages.



Windows and Macintosh

Price: 25  

PC | Mac

Wizardings is provided as an immediate electronic download; but you can also choose to:

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