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Latest News / Special Offers

iOS versions of popular fonts available for iPad and iPhone

iOS devices

A selection of some of our most popular typefaces are now available as iOS versions, so that you can use them in your favourite apps on your iPad or iPhone.

See our iOS Products page for details of the typefaces available.

New typeface release! Roman Cursive

Our Roman Cursive hand is a form of writing used from the 1st Century AD, and our example was taken from a 6th Century papyrus from Ravenna (Italy), in general use for business transactions. Its many complex ligatures are incorporated within the typeface, to enable authentic reproduction of the cursive handwriting. See full details and buy here.

Roman Cursive taster

lineLimited Offer: Free Manual/Exemplar with purchases of ANNBOC


For a limited time only, purchases of the A New Newe Booke of Copies typeface collection (on USB) will receive, free of charge, a high quality printed and bound manual/exemplar, which provides detailed historical information about the typefaces and notes on usage of historical forms.

Buy now: 75 , and add the option for a USB flash drive. Click here for further details.


Typefaces available on USB


As well as an instant download upon purchase, you now have the option to receive a back-up copy of any fonts you purchase on a convenient 64Mb USB flash drive for a small additional price. Simply place an order for any single typefaces, and add the USB from our prices at a glance page. You will only need one USB flash disk regardless of the number of fonts you place in one order.

Click here to find out more about our single typefaces range.

lineHarry Potter fonts in download package Wizardings


Wizardings, our popular set for small or big children containing the original fonts used in the Harry Potter films on props such as the Daily Prophet, Marauder's Map, Book of Monsters, etc. - along with materials for creating your own wizardly scrolls, spells and booklets - is now available as a download option at a ridiculously low price. Accio fontus!

Buy now: 25 , as an instant download and (optionally) sent to you on a USB flash drive. Click here for further details.