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17C Print Pack

Bastard Secretary Hand

Chancery Hand

Common Pleas Hand

Formal Text Hand

Insular Minuscule Hand

Italic Hand

Roman Cursive

Rustic Capitals

Secretary Hand


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Secretary Hand


This Single Typeface pack contains the Secretary Hand font.

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Important Note: The full character set can be accessed in any Windows or Macintosh application, but extra functionality is available with OpenType/AAT enabled applications. See advanced type for full details.


Typeface display:

Some of the extra historical characters provided:


OpenType Features:

ornm unic hist frac hlig liga nalt dlig dlig dlig

AAT Features:

Standard Ligatures, Historical Forms, Historical Ligartures, Latin Abbreviations (general), Latin Abbreviations (specific), British runes, Alternative Letter Forms, Medieval English Usage, Mathematical Symbols, Glyph Variants.

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Historical note:

Arising in the early sixteenth century out of the need for a universal hand, to cope with the increase in business and personal correspondence following the Renaissance. The Secretary Hand is developed from the cursive business hands, and was in common use throughout England in the early seventeenth century.

This typeface can also be ordered as part of the A New Newe Booke of Copies collection.