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Crazy Diamond Design Fonts


Typeface: A collection of characters (or more correctly 'glyphs') based on a common theme or style, in our case such themes are different styles of historical handwriting.

Font: A particular version of a typeface, which, for example, may contain italic forms of characters or even alternative letterforms


Our fonts are provided in one of three formats:

  • TrueType: a standard font format for general use.
  • OpenType: based on TrueType information, and containing the potential for advanced typographical features. Our latest and all future fonts will be in this format.
  • AAT: special extended format for Macintosh computers, which mirrors and extends the functionality of OpenType. See advanced type. Our latest and all future fonts will be in this format.

MUFI Conformity

MUFIThe Medieval Unicode Font Initiative is a workgroup of medieval scholars aiming to establish a common consensus on the use of Unicode to formalise the availability of historical glyphs within typography.
All Crazy Diamond Design OpenType fonts conform to the latest MUFI specifications, and we are fully supportive of MUFI's aims and objectives. For full details on MUFI, see:


Ancient and Modern (TrueType only)

Our original Truetype typefaces are provided as two fonts: 'ancient' and 'modern' (OpenType typefaces contain both modern and ancient characters in the same OT font).

  • Ancient Fonts contain the standard upper and lower case characters, numbers and most punctuation, such that they can be used for most purposes. They also contain historical characters such as the long-s, abbreviations and ligatures, in place of more obscure characters such as the registered and trademark characters etc. We recommend that the ancient font is used as the principal font for the typeface, allowing easy access to the historical characters.
  • Modern Fonts are identical to the standard character set of any TrueType font for Macintosh or PC. Change to this font if a modern character (eg. the copyright symbol) is required.

Special Cases

  • Capital Sets (eg. Rustic Capitals, Written Square Capitals)
    These deviate from our standard typefaces in that only a single modern font is provided - no ancient font or lower-case characters exist as these were not in use at the time of the original scripts. However, with these exceptions a complete modern character set is provided, including all punctuation, foreign and accented characters.
  • Wizardings
    The typefaces provided in this pack contain standard character sets only (there are no ancient versions) except the 'Wizardings' typeface which is a dingbat (pictorial) font.